Our team of more than 400 experienced and dedicated professionals is fully integrated into your community to deliver exceptional service with pride and efficiency. We combine our Swiss heritage with decades of experience, combining the best of our know-how with the use of the most effective cleaning technologies.

Messerli’s systems and processes enable us to achieve outstanding results while respecting the environment. We are committed to providing high-quality services under optimum safety conditions, thereby guaranteeing the well-being of our employees and the community as a whole. With our focus on sustainability and efficiency, we are determined to make an active contribution to your well-being and to creating a clean and safe environment.

Our Approach

Our approach is fundamentally based on listening carefully to our customers. We firmly believe in the importance of understanding the specific needs of each customer in order to provide them with a cleaning service that meets their expectations and to tailor our cleaning solutions accordingly.

Quality of Service

Our dedicated team is trained to be responsive and proactive, actively seeking ways to constantly improve the quality of our services. By establishing open and transparent communication, we assure our customers that they can rely on us to exceed their expectations for cleanliness and comfort. We believe that this customer-focused approach creates a strong and lasting relationship, based on mutual trust and the well-being of our customers.


We continually strive to offer services that go beyond simple cleanliness by effectively resolving the specific problems our customers may face. As a trusted partner, we seek to anticipate and respond to their needs, implementing innovative and tailored solutions.

To reduce tedium, improve quality, and meet customer needs, technological innovation is important. To guarantee reporting and traceability in the face of the demands of industrial sectors, it is necessary to secure cleaning processes and ensure that the areas to be treated are disinfected. Our methods adapt to these new needs, using mobile tools such as digital tablets and robotics.