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The Messerli Spirit

Messerli’s ambition is to become the Swiss leader in the cleaning sector, by focusing on the happiness and well-being of its employees and customers, as well as on technological innovation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the cleaning and facility services provider whose offering guarantees perfect execution, in full compliance with our mandates. We are committed to contributing to the environment and to the societies in which we operate.

Our Values

Messerli’s culture is based on two basic principles:

  • The constant pursuit of excellence, a guarantee for our customer.
  • The guarantee of a fulfilling working environment for our employees.

Our vision is based on fundamental values in our daily work and private lives. In a world facing significant societal and environmental challenges, Authenticity, Compliance, and the Well-being our customers and ourselves are essential for the long-term future of our company.

Our values of Proactivity, Efficiency, and Reliability are the foundations of our commercial success and our excellent reputation.

Our idea of success: the triple bottom line

Under the impetus of its B Corp certification, Messerli has opted for a vision of sustainable development based on the principle of the ‘triple bottom line’ – a balance between social, environmental, and economic results. The needs of its community and the future generations are at the heart of its mission.

Messerli is working towards a better future and a sustainable economy by using its goals to generate meaningful change, both locally and globally.

We have replaced our fleet of  combustion engine vehicles to use only electric or hybrid propulsion. We are also implementing new technical means to optimise the management and transport of our products and equipment, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint.

Environment and social responsibility

As a Swiss company with a rich history, we attach great importance to the coherence of our social and environmental responsibility. We act in the knowledge that we are all dependent on each other and therefore responsible for each other and for future generations. We source eco-certified (Ecocert) products from local suppliers wherever possible.