Our Commitment to Apprenticeships

At Messerli, we value apprenticeships as a key element leading to a successful career path. Our apprenticeship programme is designed to offer a rich and practical experience in our field, guided by seasoned and committed professionals.

The strengths of our apprenticeship programme

  • Practical training: The programme emphasises learning by doing with concrete projects, which helps develop tangible skills tailored to today’s requirements.
  • Professional guidance: Apprentices benefit from the support and advice of experienced experts, who generously share their know-how and experience.
  • Career Development: The programme is specifically designed to prepare apprentices for a rewarding career in our industry, offering opportunities for growth and development.
  • Stimulating environment: The experience takes place within a dynamic and innovative team, in an environment that encourages learning and creativity.

Messerli’s commitment to learning reflects our belief that developing skills and talent early in a career is essential to the future of our industry and the success of our teams.