Join The Team
Messerli’s Employee Value Proposition consists of

  1. Compensation (salary, benefits, bonuses, etc.)
  2. People (good management, the chance to work collaboratively with a high-quality team, and opportunities for mentorship or learning from more experienced colleagues)
  3. Growth (chances for career advancement and the development of new skills)
  4. Job Satisfaction (which may come in the form of the chance to work on hard problems, the prospect of strong work-life balance, or any other “intangibles” that drive people to show up and contribute every day)

At MESSERLI our ethos is: we put people first.

Our main objective is to continuously create a healthy and progressive work environment for all our employees. Everyone that starts working at MESSERLI automatically becomes part of the family when they join the firm. We work hard to always listen to our team and strive to make our environment a safe and enjoyable place for our employees to work in. MESSERLI looks after its employees exceptionally well and most team members stay with us for many years.

Our Culture

We believe that people who work well together, grow together. We understand the responsibility the company owns in providing a happy and positive working environment for our employees . We know that a productive and sustainable work environment contributes to a happier, more creative workforce. When you join MESSERLI you make lifelong connections.


We have a range of location across the Swiss Romande region, when applying please indicate which MESSERLI branch you are interested in joining.
38 Avenue Vibert
1212 Grand Lancy, Genève