Cleaning Switzerland for over 60 years


Cleaning Switzerland for over 60 years


Established in 1957, Messerli is one of the longest-running cleaning and facilities management companies in the Swiss Romandie region. Over the past few decades, the company evolved and grew to become a key player in this industry.

As a leading member of the main business and employer’s organization (FER – Fédération des Entreprises Romandes Genève), Messerli has been active in shaping the industry through the creation of the industry’s trade association (AGENS). Messerli representatives were key to the establishment of our industry’s collective bargaining agreement in 1990 that guarantees today one of the world’s highest paid, safest, and most secured work environment for workers of the cleaning and facility management industry.

Throughout the generations, Messerli has always worked for the recognition of the profession, developing vocational training in collaboration with other long-established companies in Switzerland.

With success came new challenges including how to manage a growing enterprise that has been managed as a family business. business. Changes in technology alone required constant investments to stay competitive without compromising on the quality of the services provided. In the late 2010’s, both customers and employees started to pay a price in the form of inconsistent service and lower morale.

In November 2019, a new management team undertook to radically change the company by redesigning its business flows and processes. The focus is now solely on customers and employees with the help of new technologies, better staff training and rehauling the technology infrastructure to allow our teams of technicians to focus on our customers and core activities rather than on the bureaucracy that our industry is heavily dependent on. Since, we have honed our systems and procedures to support the cleaning and maintenance of both the public and private sector. Our dedicated team of over 300 employees spread across our offices in Geneva, Gland and Lausanne live by our company values and strive to deliver the highest level of service.

A Message from Bachir Rabbat – President

Our mission is to be at the forefront of our industry through collaboration and innovation.

We are committed to increasing our investments in technology and other tools to enable our management team to become fully involved in all aspects of your business and to ensure that a people-centred approach leads to success at every touch point of our operating model, which translates into more value for you, our customer.

Our Approach

At Messerli, we put people first. The two main tenets of our culture are a pursuit of excellence for our customers and the guarantee of a fulfilling work environment for our employees. Striving to make sure our clients are always satisfied, and our employees are happy in their work environment is at the core of our values. Addressing your needs is our daily compass. Our goal is to be recognized as best in class in the facilities and cleaning management industry of the Swiss Romande region. Our team brings decades of sector-specific experience ensuring they offer outstanding service that adapts to the unique requirements of every industry.

Our Clients

Messerli acts as a true partner alongside our clients, striving for your success every day. Our promise is to always endeavour to be authentic, proactive, effective, reliable, and diligent. We are proud to be the service provider of choice for clients who have high expectations and require a service done with regularity and to consistently high standards.

We are also proud of the many long-term relationships we have with our clients. When hiring Messerli, you will be able to rely on us to deliver our services to your ideal requirements, with quality control and traceability. At Messerli, we always seek to overdeliver.

We understand that during and post the COVID-19 era, institutional, commercial, and private clients will require nothing less than guaranteed quality service. The Messerli name is synonymous for professionalism, reliability, and trustworthiness. We put safety, health, and hygiene first.

Our Values

At Messerli, we strive to fulfil our mandate far beyond our clients’ expectations. We focus on hiring experienced and dedicated professionals from our community and give them challenging responsibilities that drive them to excel. We invest in our teams because continuous employee training increases agility and gives our employees the learning opportunities they need to grow their careers in a world increasingly moving towards automation. to better serve our customers., delivering outstanding service with pride and efficiency. We combine our Swiss heritage and years of experience in the industry with the use of the most effective cleaning technology.

Our Core Principles

Authentic – the quality of our services is widely recognized

Proactive – our expertise means we know what services you need, sometimes even before you do

Effective – we provide results above your expectations

Reliable – we are consistent with the delivery of all our services

Diligent – the Messerli team takes pride in being conscientious in all aspects of their work

We strive in our company to be always compliant, transparent and 100% accountable. We are passionate about our trade and enthusiastic about everything we do and have the desire to go above and beyond.


Messerli is a member of AGENS (Geneva Association of Cleaning and Service Contractors) and FREN (Fédération Romande des Entrepreneurs de Nettoyage).