Like many other businesses, your premises may currently be experiencing a decline in footfall due to teleworking and social distancing. It is certainly a difficult period, but it is also a period which can be utilised to carry out maintenance or restoration work on the floors. Work which would normally represent a considerable inconvenience for your activity.

If you decide to tackle this task, Messerli can advise and support you throughout the process. We have been cleaning and maintaining the floors of our clients in French-speaking Switzerland for over 60 years.

We are at your disposal to assess your needs and guide you in your choices. The condition of the coating may indeed require in-depth floor maintenance, but in some cases, the wear is such that a complete restoration of the floors will have to be carried out, which involves removing and replacing all the old coating.

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In the meantime, we’ll go through some of the different solutions below and together see what we can do for you today.

Restore Damaged Floors

If your floors are badly damaged or worn, it may be necessary to install a new coating. Indeed, in a number of situations, even the parquet floors can be found damaged by heavy furniture or simply by constant passages to the point that no more repair measures can be considered.

The same goes for linoleum floors or carpets which are materials that are even more fragile than wood or at least, are more sensitive to soiling.

There are different solutions for restoring floors: laying parquet, whether solid or fine wood or laying a textile, PVC or linoleum covering. In all cases, these are operations which require removing the existing coating and which therefore make the process impractical during normal levels of footfall. This is the reason why we often postpone these major renovations for as long as possible. Now here is a sudden decrease in the occupancy of your premises, so why not get down to it now?

We can discuss the options with you and offer you a personalized service; all you need to do is contact us today to be called back by an expert who will be able to advise you.

Maintain Worn Floors

If your floors are generally in good condition, but they show the blow of heavy traffic, it is sometimes possible to refurbish them without incurring significant costs. Here again, the period during which the circulation in your premises will be disturbed will depend on the surface to be treated. So, this period of calm we are experiencing right now may be the time to tackle a thorough cleaning of the floors. Messerli offers you a whole range of floor maintenance services adapted to your situation.

If you have a carpet, our specialists can apply a deep shampoo treatment to restore its youth. If you have a wooden floor whose coating needs freshening up, it is often possible to refurbish it without necessarily changing it. We are going to sand it, vitrify it and oil it to restore it to its original shine and appearance.

Do not hesitate to request a call from one of our specialists who will call you back to offer you the most suitable floor care solution for you.

Our Engagements

At Messerli, our 60 years of experience in cleaning and maintaining floors in French-speaking Switzerland has taught us that is that each customer is unique, and that trust is built together. This is why we not only guarantee you a top-quality service, but we are also committed to becoming a privileged and attentive partner.

Our employees are experts trained in the maintenance and restoration of floors. They will be able to offer you a professional service of high quality. If you want to know more about Messerli, our values and our people, come and find out about us!

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