The pandemic and the health crisis that followed highlighted the need to apply strict hygiene rules within the company and made us all aware that surfaces were a vector of germ transmission and viruses.

A study published in October 2020 by two researchers from the Ahvaz Jundishapur University of Medical Sciences concerning the resistance of Covid-19 to humidity and temperature recalls what we already know about the ability of viruses to survive on different surfaces. The researchers note in particular that a virus can remain viable for two to three days on plastic or stainless steel, 24 hours on cardboard and four hours on copper. Likewise, the study points out that time that viruses survive in an environment containing 50% humidity is longer than in an environment containing 30% humidity.

Another study published in the Virology Journal in October 2020 focuses more particularly on Covid-19 and reveals that at a temperature of 20°C, this coronavirus can survive for up to 28 days on non-porous surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and paper.

These studies show that new hygiene standards are necessary and that our way of thinking about cleaning surfaces in companies must change, just as our behavior has already changed with social distancing measures.

The care taken by the operators of office buildings and business premises in general, whether they are open to the public or not, can make them safe places for the people who work there or who visit them, particularly if care is taken in cleaning and treating surfaces.

At Messerli Services we have long followed very strict hygiene standards and our employees are trained and equipped for the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, whether it is a one-off assignment or a maintenance contract.

By applying strict standards and monitoring them as part of rigorous quality control, we prioritize the health safety of our employees and customers. Of course, we didn’t wait for a pandemic to apply these standards, but because we made it a corporate culture. This culture of health safety, firmly anchored in our daily work, allows us today to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

It is obvious that the health crisis we are experiencing today is forcing us to redouble our efforts. This is why the frequency with which surfaces have to be maintained becomes shorter than before and the time spent disinfecting them increases, as this virus and its variants are particularly contagious. However, with the help of an intervention program that is properly adapted to your needs, we can make your premises and your working environment very safe.

By calling on Messerli for regular cleaning and disinfection of your premises, your own employees and customers will be better protected from the transmission of viruses in general, and Covid-19 in particular.

We invite you to book a call from one of our specialists to discuss together how we can improve the hygiene standards of your premises.