The Integraal and Messerli teams have thought a lot about how to adapt our services to this new environment. We believe that a more difficult environment should not mean a deterioration of services, nor of the health and safety of our employees. We need to completely rethink our approach.

So we are making some changes in our business and in the way we want to work. We would like to let you know:


We are recruiting more specialist front-line technicians and more support staff to allow them to work safely.

Every day, hundreds of our employees leave early in the morning or late at night to make our customers’ work environments healthier and cleaner. The trend towards commoditization of the majority of cleaning services, coupled with stringent disinfection requirements and harsher work environments, strain our people by asking them to do more things in less time. The result is that they suffer from it, and so do our customers. In any case, this type of work atmosphere does not reflect our corporate culture in which people count above all.

In the future, we plan to reinvest more in our people, whether in tools, training and equipment. We want to create a safe and peaceful working environment, because human well-being is the fundamental principle of our culture.

There will also be changes in the management of our office in Gland. Laurent Liaudat is leaving us to take up new challenges and Joana Paulino becomes our new Branch Manager. We welcome Joana who has been with the company for many years and who is highly respected by employees and customers, both at Integraal Services and at Messerli Services.

OUR CUSTOMERS – We offer guaranteed services for which we are fully responsible.

Our services are more appreciated not only when our customers’ expectations are regularly exceeded, but also when they are anticipated when possible. It is therefore our responsibility to guarantee a constant, guaranteed and traceable service, in complete safety. We remind our associates in every aspect of their training that the client and their own clients are at the center of our value proposition and why we were chosen. We will always be there for our customers, especially when they need us most.

A FOCUSED GROUP OF COMPANIES – A strengthened partnership

Messerli Services has a sister company in the canton of Vaud and the canton of Geneva, called Integraal Services SA. It will now be renamed Messerli Facilities SA.

There are two main reasons for this name change: first, we are focusing on a new set of values ??that all of our employees must embrace in order to promote a cohesive corporate culture within the group. Second, we want to combine our resources to provide optimal service to our customers: employees from different companies within the same group will always provide better services to our customers if they share the same goals and the same culture.

A RENEWED BRAND – A new logo and a new website

Messerli Services SA has a new logo. The logo represents continuity with an illustrious past at the service of French-speaking Switzerland since 1957, but also a new emphasis on the two fundamental pillars of our strategy for the future: people, whether they are our employees or of our customers, and technology to help the former better serve the latter.

The new website is designed to be more useful and it is geared towards ease of navigation and solutions for your benefit. We also respond to the dozens of requests we have received from our clients to build a personalized and secure portal so that they can track our services through quality control reports and traceability initiatives. Join us in celebrating the launch of our new website by clicking here.


Avec une mission et une image renouvelée ainsi qu’avec une équipe en pleine expansion et plus spécialisée, nous sommes heureux de fêter un avenir brillant avec vous, nos fidèles clients. Nous mettons nos collaborateurs en contact avec les vôtres afin d’offrir les meilleures prestations de nettoyage et le meilleur centre de services dans un large éventail de régions et de secteurs.